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Renting Process

At Davis & Gibbs we pride ourselves on our professional & friendly service. Our Lettings Department has over 20 years experience and knowledge which means we will be able to guide through your transaction every step of the way. The service we provide to our customers is the most important aspect for us.

Here are a few pointers to consider before renting your property, we hope that this rough guide helps but please feel free to contact us with any other enquiries.

Finding a Property

Once you have registered your details we will update you instantly as & when suitable property's become available via SMS, Email or Phone which ever is your preference. With our extended opening hours our staff will be able to show you property's after work and can either drive you to the property's or meet you there.

Reserving a Property

Once you have decided on a property you will need to reserve it with an initial reservation fee of 500, once we have this in place we will be able to go forward with your offer. Once your offer has been accepted we will need a further 500 to secure the transaction whilst we start referencing (subject to property) any outstanding money will need to be paid a minimum three working days before move in. (please note this initial payment is not a separate payment and will be transferred over to your deposit.)


All offers are subject to referencing; before the tenancy agreement is signed all applicants / guarantors will need to pass referencing. As an ARLA agent we have to reach a minimum standard of referencing; reassuring the Landlord you are able to pay your rent and see out your agreement.

You will need the following information to complete referencing:

  1. Full name, date of birth, nationality
  2. Address history past three years
  3. Proof of current address bank or credit card statement
  4. Proof of Income / Employment - employers reference
  5. Debit card / Current account details - credit checks
  6. Next of Kin
  7. Students proof of course & Guarantor


In some circumstances we will require a guarantor to under write the rent. This is common practise when the tenant is a student, self employed, or only been employed for a short period of time. The guarantor has to be a U.K. homeowner, and will be fully referenced as per the tenant. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Deposits & Fee's

The deposits and fee's will be taken out of the payment, your initial payment consists of 6 - 8 weeks deposit, first months rent, and one weeks rent administration fee or 250 + VAT which ever the greater. Current legislation states that your deposit has to be registered by an independent deposit scheme, which will help safeguard it. If you have any questions regards deposits please feel free to contact a member of staff.

Deposit Protection

Legislation states that Landlords are to pay the tenants deposit into a custodial or insurance based deposit scheme, both schemes will protect the money. If only part of the deposit is in dispute then the remainder will be returned within ten working days of the tenancy ending. The tenant & Landlord can jointly or individually apply to the deposit scheme to have their case referred to resolution or court. Once a resolution has been reached the deposit must be returned within ten working days.

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